Freediving training in open water (courses)

Education in the open water is carried out at the school's field seminars in various reservoirs. Most often, we conduct training in popular freediving locations:

Dahab (Egypt, Red Sea),
Kas (Turkey, Mediterranean Sea)
Laspi (Crimea, Black Sea),
Blue Lake, Kabardino-Balkaria…

In addition, we often organise unique courses and trips for freedivers: sailing yacht cruises, swimming with dolphins and whales, ice diving, etc.

Training takes place in accordance with the standards of international freediving training systems (SSI, Molchanovs), after completing the full course and successfully passing the standards, participants receive a certificate of the appropriate level, as well as a FreeBalance school diploma on a successful seminar attendance.

Requirements for enrolling in the course:
Level of physical fitness: depends on the level of training, there must be no contraindications for freediving!

Level of training: not lower than the initial course in the pool of any freediving training system.

Stay tuned for course announcements!
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