Freediving and yoga in Kas

October 2-8, October 9-16, Turkey, Kas

Kas is an incredibly picturesque place. This Mediterranean resort town, surrounded by mountains, is famous for its charming streets of the old town, cosy cafes and the happiest cats in the world. Here, masts creak quietly in the city marina, graceful loggerhead sea turtles live in a crystal clear bay, and in the evening you can make wishes overlooking the old lighthouse while the sunset caresses you with its warmth …

We will spend 6 unforgettable days of relaxation in Kas and immersion in the sea. Each of us has something to work out, and we will use freediving as a tool to acknowledge ourselves and become aware of ourselves: analysing every dive in great detail, and studying every technical and tactical moment; we will gain an understanding of how to be attentive to what is happening under the water, hear ourselves and be aware of our actions.

The expected water temperature 26-27 degrees. The water is crystal clear and transparent.

In the course program:
- morning yoga, adapted specifically to freediving,
- freediving sessions,
- relaxing evening classes
and, of course, fun diving - we will set aside one day to dive into sunken objects, including an underwater museum of sculptures!

The level of training of participants is any, from beginners to deep divers (50+).

It is possible to complete a full certification course in freediving (SSI level 1-3), as well as training for those who have already been trained and continue to improve in freediving (pressure compensation, freediving technique, etc.).

The cost of a training week (6 diving days) is 700 euros. SSI certification is paid separately. A 30% deposit guarantees you a place on the course. If desired, full payment of the course in rubles at the current euro exchange rate is possible.

For those wishing to participate only in the "dry" part of the program, without freediving (yoga, breathing and relaxation practices) the cost is 250 euros.

From the equipment you will need:
Wetsuit 3 mm, mask, nose clip, fins (and neoprene socks under them if necessary), weight belt. You don’t need to bring any weights with you - everything is in place.

self-booking hotels or campsites. If you are having trouble booking on your own, we can help you. Please note that the sooner you deal with the issue of housing, the better options will be available to you!

From Antalya or Dalaman airports - a specially organized transfer or a regular bus.
In Kas or at the airport arrival (Antalya or Dalaman) you can also rent a car, which might make your vacation more comfortable and exciting: believe me, there are many beautiful and interesting places worth visiting! The most famous sights among tourists are the ancient cities of Demre, Patara, flooded Kekova, and Syklikent canyon. In reality, there are many more interesting and beautiful places that deserve attention. We can safely say that this section of the Mediterranean coast is one of the most picturesque. You can enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving Kas: there is a part of the famous Lycian trail passes here, and there are paragliding flights over the mountains and the bay after which no one will be left indifferent to these places.
On top of all that, Kas is one of the best places in the world for deep freediving training!

Do you want to plunge into the silence of the piercing blue abyss?
We are waiting for you with a little turtle friend over here!

For registration and all organizational questions, please contact:
+7-926 2675456 Whatsapp, Telegram, mail