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Freediving -
is a way of achieving
a state of inner
peace and balance
Freediving -
is a way of achieving a state
of inner peace and balance

Yoga and freediving school

founded by professionals who love water and dedicate their lives to it

We consider freediving as a method of self-discovery and self-improvement, we use different approaches to achieve effective results and we teach to enjoy the process of interaction with water

Yoga, swimming, watsu and other body and mind techniques help to evolve effectively in freediving and are powerful self-development tools on their own.

We gladly take you on a journey with us and will be your guides on this path.

founded by professionals who love water and dedicate their lives to it

We consider freediving as a method of self-discovery and self-improvement, we use different approaches to achieve effective results and we teach to enjoy the process of interaction with water

Yoga, swimming, watsu and other body and mind techniques help to evolve effectively in freediving and are powerful self-development tools on their own.

We gladly take you on a journey with us and will be your guides on this path.

Freebalance team

Your feedback is inspiring

Evgenia Demakova
I have always loved the sea... and on that day the sea took my soul... there are no words to describe the moment when the resistance of the water becomes an embrace... A surge of emotions, euphoria of happiness - usually do not combine with silence, peace and darkness. I felt a desire to stay there, in the depths ...

The sea and instructors @ilya.nabatov What have you done to me????? Watching a movie on one inhale”… I watch an underwater footage and my body gets goosebumps and tears flow out of my eyes. Thanks!!!!! Now, as soon as something tries to disturb my peace :)) I close my eyes, breathe in and out :)))) and find myself there ... where water embraces me, where there are silence and peace …
Natalia Baranova
I started to do yoga with Olga a few years ago, I was attending from time to time, but then, suddenly, something inside adjusted, and the classes became regular. I am very grateful to my teacher for such an impetus. Practices are always positive, in a very friendly, family atmosphere. Something new every time, never boring.

Very gently Olga develops flexibility and strength. Gives unique relaxation techniques, breathing exercises. She always corrects during practice, notices the tension. She is eager to answer questions, give wise advice. I am very grateful to her for my growth in yoga.

With the advent of online classes, you can also comfortably study from anywhere in the world. I recommend yoga classes with Olga to everyone - health, good mood and peace of mind are guaranteed!
Natalya Pozubenkova with her daughter Lyubasha
I am very grateful to fate that brought us together with Olya Davydova! From me and my 8 year old daughter.

We were already familiar with freediving, but I had a fear of depth and equalisation problems, and with Lyubasha we ran into a problem - before she was equalising without pinching her nose (hands-free), and after an ENT disease this stopped working for her and she, having received painful sensations for the first time, began to be afraid, she had to master the “traditional” way of equalisation. So patiently, literally day after day again, calmly, without hurrying anywhere, Olga explained and showed the techniques to my daughter and analysed each dive. She had some infinite number of exercises for the child and for me, what and how else you can try to equalise. I just absorbed this calmness... and love for water, and new knowledge...

Olga helped us with the choice of wetsuits, and other equipment, and even housing. With her help, Lyubashka overcame the fear of putting on a "hydra"!
I have fixed my 18 meters and I am looking forward to a new meeting, I hope I will be able to dive again in Balaclava and Laspi (Crimea)!
Natalya Mostovaya
@natamost, Москва
Feedback on Freebalanceschool competitions

My first competition! 🐋🐋🐋

Yesterday was one of those days that stay in the memory forever! 💯
For the first time I participated in competitions in freediving (snorkeling with breath holding). It seems so easy - just go and dive! But no, I was worried very much. The body is very important when diving, and I was promptly after an illness.
But! Hurrah, it worked! And I coped with the excitement and swam comfortably!
Of course, this all happened thanks to active training at the freediving school @freeyogabalance, thanks to my super trainers Olga and Ilya @ilya.nabatov! They always say: "don't chase the distance, swim in comfort"! As a result, it turned out to catch two birds with one stone 😀

I am extremely grateful to them! 🤗 For training, for support, for nice words, for the fact that they are always positive and share this positiveness with others! And for the fact that they themselves organise competitions so that beginners like me can try their hand at real ranking competitions, this is very cool! 🔥🔥🔥

Thanks to Vladimir @yakovlev_gidro for preparing me for the competition and to the beautiful Lera @valeriia_birilko for starting this journey, support and warmth! 😉
And, of course, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the organisation, belayers, coaches, doctors, photographers, cameramen and, of course, the judges 🤗 (they smiled so sweetly and kindly that even my anxiety was gone)! Julie, thank you for the delicious cake!

Dear sponsors, your prizes are great, thank you!!! 💗
I congratulate all the participants, we worried and cheered for each other, it was very felt, and it is very valuable! 🥰

Ponomarev Andrey
Feedback after an individual breaststroke course.

Just finished a week of training with Ilya Nabatov in Dahab. Let me just say that I liked everything! Ilya looked at my technique that had developed over the years, pointed out all the points that could be improved, explained why. And then, with the help of special exercises, we began to correct all my movements, and with each training session it became better and easier.

Of course, in one week the technique will not become perfect, but in which direction and how to improve it became clear.
In general, I am glad that I followed the friendly advice of Olga Davydova and went to Ilya. In general, she seemed right, as I was convinced.
With all the richness of the choice of instructors, there are almost no people teaching breaststroke. Especially the deep breaststroke. And so that the instructor himself has good technique and shows decent results, he understands what he is doing and can explain it intelligibly - here is Ilya - really number one among Russian-speaking instructors!
As for the nuances of training, all the details were thoroughly dismantled, Ilya laid out all the parts of the stroke, the position of all parts of the body: arms, legs, head, tail ... All this with detailed video recording, debriefing after each dive, and the video was analysed after each deep session, and in the pool - after every 25 meters. And that feedback was crucial. If the analysis of the technique was carried out only after training, then the learning process would be stretched in many times. And in this format it turned out to correct everything as efficiently as possible.
Ilya shares his knowledge and experience in a very understandable way, trainings are held in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but without wasting time and productivity! Thank you, Ilya, I look forward to seeing you at the pool in Moscow!
Arina Polyakh
We have just returned from our trip to Dahab with the purpose of attending a freediving course with
coaches Ilya Nabatov and Olga Davydova.

I won’t talk about my results, because I decided that this year won’t be about numbers. But my son dived at 31.7 - this is his first trip to open water. It's really really cool. The course lasted a week. As he says, he could go deeper, but there is no hurry. Because everything was very relaxing.

I really like this style of work and the organisation of the process. It is very caring and considerate to me. There is no indifference and ostentatious words like “you are not really needed here” (I have met this before). You can see the professionalism and understanding of the psychology and individuality of each student. Very calm, clear, on time, no unnecessary expectations and fuss - which is worth its weight in gold for freedivers).

Everything is very calm, everyone has an individual approach, daily equalisation exercises. No stress. Even for me!

All the guys on the course showed very good results. But the essence was not really in them.
Vyacheslav Shevchenko
@vshevchenko123, Irkutsk
This summer did not promise us a trip at all. But there are things much stronger than some circumstances. And, in our case, it was freediving that became a significant motivator of our trip to Dahab. When you start something new, there is always a risk of disappointment. But this risk is reduced to "no", when you fall into the hands of a high-class specialist. We were lucky to get to study with an instructor from God - Ilya Nabatov. Being able to do something well and being able to teach are not the same thing. Ilya just possesses a rare combination of these qualities. That is why the experience of our communication with a professional in our field is infinitely valuable. And excellent results and a frantic desire to return to the depth speak of the quality of training. Many thanks to Ilya for his high professionalism, individual approach, for the gift to decompose the complex into simple, for his extraordinary sensitivity and patience, and for his talent to make people happier. Good luck to you! In everything!

I believe that you need to learn from different instructors and preferably from the best!.
Before the trip to Dahab, I contacted @ilya.nabatov, the instructor and co-founder of the @freebalanceschool school, in advance. Since I did not get into the general course, we agreed on the time and I arrived. I came with a specific task ✔️ pressure compensation and a bunch of other questions.
At home, I could not equalise upside down, the maximum that I could do was 15 meters. Before that, I went to a consultation with an ENT doctor and he gave me the conclusion that in childhood, when the tonsils were removed, the muscles were damaged and now my soft palate just covers my throat ... The verdict - why the hell do you want to dive, you can see the fish from above! 🤿 Here With this "baggage" and the desire to figure out what doesn't work for me and what works, but wrongly, I came to Ilya. We literally lived in neighbouring houses and all strategies were coordinated right there.

🧘‍♂️ We started with morning exercises on the beach
🌬️then analysis of the equalisation techniques. Something began to turn out already on the first day and I was given the task - no race for meters, only work with consciousness and comfort.
The very first dive and conscious 8 ⬇️ meters without pain in the ears. It was a small victory!
I got only 5 sessions in the water, the final day and my first 30⬇️ m, comfortably, with an understanding of what is happening 👌
I liked Ilya's approach, each dive takes place, as they say eye to eye, with adjustments along the way and analysis already held on the buoy. A good bonus on one of the days was the analysis of the breaststroke technique and I worked it out right there in the pool. 🏊‍♂️
In the evenings, over tea, Ilya answered my ❓ questions about preparing for competitions, the specifics of training, nutrition, and many other things. It was evident that Ilya was really passionate about freediving, he loves and knows how to give information, that this is really him!
I want to say thank you again and hope to meet again in the water)!!! 🤝

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